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And then I had sex

I got fucked for the first time IN FOREVER last night and it was really, really nice. He went really slow (at first), which was amazing, because as we know, for some reason I ONLY know boys with horse cocks. Which is terrible, because I would much rather play with a ‘small’ penis than one that makes me cry when I think about it.

Also, the first thing he said after I told him I wanted him to fuck me was ‘do you have condoms’ which made my heart melt a little. I have always had to be the one to insist, which fucking sucks.

But anyway, he fucked me and it was amazing and after words walking was difficult and then I realize, that this is what I want sex to be. Not some fucker trying to shove his cock in my ass all willy-nilly, who is only wearing a condom because I forced him to.

Also, we made a video to send to his boyfriend back home and that part was really fun. The lighting is terrible and we are so close that all the sex sounds are somewhat deafening, but it’s still good I guess.


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Video post time!

Comment by Nick

Hooray, having the kind of sex you want to have is fabulous!

Comment by Lip Licker

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