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This again?
January 19, 2011, 4:51 am
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I have been thinking about turning tricks again recently. Also, I realized a few weeks that now that my friend moved in with us, I can pay a months rent with just one trick.

I love that, so much.

I have been talking a lot to this one guy who is obsessed with everything I do or say. I think most people would be weirded out by him, but I am kind of enjoying it. He recently started ending e-mails with “Your servant, (his name)”, which always makes me laugh. We have not gotten together yet, but we should be soon. I am excited about it, he has been really chatty so far, so hopefully I won’t have to force any conversation.

This other dude is currently seeing some 25 year old dude, but he cut him off from sex, for some reason. He is really sweet, but I am really hoping that this turns into a situation where he is paying me to have sex with his partner. I can’t imagine that ever happening, but I really hope it does.

I don’t update this very much, I don’t really know why. Part of me worries that it is because I am constantly tired and it’s hard to care about anything. I am really hoping that this will change once the weather gets better.


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But, oh no — the young ones are often the worst! Well, not always, but enough to make me think of saying it…

Love —

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