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Have you seen this?
January 25, 2011, 5:55 am
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Have you seen this article from The Advocate?

I read the entire thing, assuming they would explain what their ACTUAL way of determining what made a city ‘gay friendly’ was. Apparently this is the real one.

I mean, really, they used as a reference? died YEARS ago and they are also well known for keeping profiles around FOR EVER. I imagine if asked, they would say they used it because it is “all welcoming” of both men and women (and maybe even ‘Transgendereds’ or Shemales, or whatever they call Trans folk). Sure, they allow people other than men on their website, but using a hook up website as a tool automatically throws it off because gay men, across the board, tend to use hook up websites FAR more than anyone else.

Are Tegan and Sara even still around still? I mean, I guess it would be hard for me to know because why would they come down to a redneck, poedunk town like mine… right? I think it is interesting they used a band that consists of two white women, instead of any number of bands that actually have folks of color in it. For fun, go check out Tegan and Sara’s myspace page. The diversity of their friends list could only make HRC proud.

I think it is really interesting that they specifically used lesbian bars. But I have to wonder if they are talking about “Lesbian Bars”, you know, gay bars where women are not openly treated like shit, or the Lesbian Bars where men simply are not allowed without having a woman in the group.

I know that in my town, their are at least a couple churches that are not specifically faggot churches, but that locals know are ‘friendly’, I wonder if they would be counted. Or are they only counting the ones with rainbow flags proudly flying out front?

Wait…… I wonder who donated the most money to this study. Tegan, Sara, or What do you think? Would simply saying “Yellow Pages” not be enough?

I mean, but maybe I am secretly just pissed off that MY town isn’t on this list. Yes, that is probably it.


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