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But really
February 4, 2011, 7:18 pm
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But really, why can’t people just call me a faggot, to my face? Why do they have to do it while I am walking down the street, or playing DDR, or by yelling it at my house?

What kind of world do we live in, that is so impersonal, you can’t even take the time to insult someone to their face? I mean, look at me. I am just un-intimidating faggot, wearing all pink and purple, walking down the street. Are you worried I might hit you? I mean, sure I fight dirty and I have no problem with a good ole kick in the crotch, but I save that for special situations.

Are you worried that I will cut my self and get my nasty faggot blood on you?

Or do you just know that when I ask you why you think that is okay, you won’t have any answer?

I just want someone to be able to call me a faggot, to my face. I want to be able to see the expression on your face and I want to be able to see your eyes. The eyes always give away your intentions. Maybe you are afraid that if I can see your eyes, I will be able to see that you are not angry or disgusted when you call me a faggot, but scared. Maybe you don’t want me to know that you are not angry.


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I an a gay man living in south San Diego and I have neighbors who call me names everytime I come and go. They call me fag, dick or yell bullshit. I feel like yelling back saying “say it to my face bitch!” but I don’t I find it just so fucking ridiculous! I’ve had to move back into my fathers place for financial hardship and have been here for 3 months now. The neighbor is so nosy, that I hear her yell bullshit after my personal conversations with my father! Today, I couldn’t take it anymore do as I walked to my car She began my criticizing my outfit and I said aloud in a firm voice”Fuck Off!”

Comment by Ernest

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