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The weather!
April 9, 2011, 4:35 pm
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The weather! The weather! Oh my god, the weather!

I am starting to get sweaty when riding my bike. I am starting to have to wake up early to tend to my garden, to avoid the heat. Spring is here and I am completely, totally not ready for summer.

But isn’t that one of the joys of living in a place with 4 actual, distinct seasons? It is always changing and you never really have time to get used to any one season. It’s amazing!

The garden! I love it so much. I love waking up early to search my neighborhood for bags of leaves to use as mulch. Or doing it super late at night. Either way.

I have been in and out of the doctors office a bunch in the past 3 days. I have been having this constant, terrible gas pain that won’t go away. I keep hoping that it is just gas and in a few days, I will have THE MEGA FART and the clouds will part and a beam of sunlight will focus down on my anus. After THE MEGA FART, everything will be better.


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