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April 25, 2011, 5:04 am
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I find myself constantly thinking about how much I want a dehumidifier.

As a kid, their were a few things that I wanted so bad, I have no problem calling it an obsession. These things were not necessarily practical, but that did not matter. One of these things, was a humidifier (two others were a working cash register and a paper shredder.) For some reason, the idea of breathing air so moist that you can feel it seemed really magical. Maybe I imagined that was as close to breathing underwater as I would ever get.

But what my dad would always try to explain to me, was that in the South, people need dehumidifiers, not humidifiers! He tried to explain that if I wanted humid air, I could just go outside for all the free thick, humid air that I wanted. I never really believed him, but eventually I forgot about the humidifier (never the cash register or paper shredder, though. My roommate got me a working cash register once and the magic quickly faded. Still fun, though!)

But now I am a little older and I understand how the world works a little more. Now I live in an old house and all I can think about are the wonders of the dehumidifier.

All of this is to say, is that every day I am reminded of how smart and cute my dad is. I have recently been helping him around the house, working on the garden and pond and it has been really nice.

But let me tie all of this together, so I can go to bed. I might get a dehumidifier, which I think would make my life much more enjoyable. I have been working on my garden, which has been wonderful, of course. The tomatoes are doing their thing and the broccoli is making broccoli. I really have no desire to wait for it to get full grown, I have just been munching on baby broccoli in the garden, which is really nice. I need to wait, though. All the other things are doing great, too.

I am tired. Goodnight!


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I always wanted a cash register too!

Comment by Brian Gerald

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