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I’m over here!
April 25, 2012, 2:00 pm
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I gay porn with more than 2 people, the second someone stops getting attention, he will just start slapping his dick on whatever part of someone else’s body he has access to. Always.

Bro, just wait! This seems really childish. You know, “Hay! I’m over here! Pay attention to me!!!”

Life has been treating me well as of lately. Summer is quickly sneaking up on me, which I am fine with. In the past, Summer has brought uncertainty for me. Where will I work, what will I be doing, where will I live, etc. This Summer, I already have all of that figured out and it feels really good. I have a long-term project, so I can work on that. I have a long-term job, so that is that. My living situation is stable and I really like everything about it, including my landlords. I am going to have free time to go visit IDA, which will be really nice. I am not excited about the hundreds of people for IDApoloza, but I am excited to get back up there. Everything about IDA comforts me.

The huge magnolia tree right next to my house is about to start blossoming, one my favorite times of the year.