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June 24, 2012, 4:21 am
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I mean… maybe I’m not as into cuddling as I always thought/assumed I was.

I mean, I’m not really one to fantasize about blow jobs, or fucking, or any of that. Mostly those things have just been things you do, to become tired enough to be able to cuddle with someone, without staying up all night thinking about how nice cuddling is. Does that make sense?

Okay, so what had happened was that this boy came over for 3 hours, because he was waiting on his Megabus and I told him he could come cuddle. He did. This was the first sexual human contact I had had in… what, right about a year? I think that’s right. It was nice, we of course jerked off together, which is actually my preferred sexual activity. It’s just so easy and you are always in control, what could be better? Anyway, we jerked off together and then cuddled for a few hours and it was just hot and sticky and sweaty and not good at all. But, this same thing has happened to me the past few times I have cuddled and the person I am cuddling with ALWAYS is such a clingy big spoon and I really hate that. So I end up having to either be the big spoon, so that I can control what sweaty & hot body parts of us touch, or I roll over and try to have some cuddle free time, but they always assume the role of big spoon. It’s not just the fact that its fucking summer time in the south, but any time during cuddling, wherever two body parts touch, its always just too much body heat for me to be comfortable with.

I really hate this though. I want to love cuddling. I want to love intimacy so much that I am willing to have it, regardless of how much heat or sweat it produces. I mean, certainly I could handle this from some sort of longer term someone, right?


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