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June 24, 2012, 4:33 am
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Riding my bike home from a show tonight, I realized that Lucie was the only person, in my entire life that I can remember, who has ever made me question my atheism. She was so spiritual, it makes me feel like I am calling her a liar when I think about how I don’t think ghosts, or spirits, or gods, or whatever exist. I truly believe this, I don’t think any of that exists.

But why then do I find myself talking to you sometimes? Who the fuck am I talking to? Am I simply talking to make myself feel better? If I don’t believe in gods, or ghosts, or spirits, then that means I can never talk to you again. Is that something I want to believe?

And why did you believe so much? Did you know something that I don’t? Do you know something now, that I don’t? Or did you die and realize that it had all been a waste? All the alters and sacrifices, maybe you died and then found out it was all done in vein. Do I want to believe that?


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i share your feelings about that “You.” Maybe it’s just what we absorbed from the environment, but I think it is also the way the human race evolved. We have to personify everything, we need care-takers so badly that we never outgrow the need–to the point that the alternative is depressing.

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