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An update!
November 8, 2012, 3:26 pm
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My roommate and I are about to head out the door on a backpacking trip, which I’m really excited about.

When I was a kid, the first hiking trip I remember (I was 6, but my dad has been taking me out since I was 6 months old (who the fuck carries a baby while walking 8 miles a day? My dad.)) started at this very same spot. The spot is actually in the middle of a pretty long trail and we always went down the hill a couple miles to this really nice creek to camp. I think it was only 2 miles, but as a kid I remember it feeling like ETERNITY. But now I can do the same trail in 35 minutes ish. Growing up is weird.

ANYWAY, as a kid, I always wondered what was the other direction on the trail, but we never went that way. Well, that’s the way we are about to go and I hope it’s real nice.

That boy I’ve been talking to (the one with the boyfriend) and I watched Fried Green Tomatoes last night, which he hadn’t seen before. He seemed to enjoy it. Before the movie we walked my dog and I ended up telling him that I would love to make out with him. He didn’t respond negatively .. but we certainly didn’t make out at all. I got kind of a “oh, cool!” answer, not what I was expecting at all, I would have much preferred something closer to one of the extremes. But at least he knows now and it wasn’t something I just casually said while drinking. I also let him know I’m not looking to, or trying to get between his boyfriend and him and to let me know if he ever felt like that was happening. He assured me it wasn’t, but he said that he would let me know if that ever happened.

I mailed him a package yesterday, so he should get it sometime right as we are beginning our hike. I finally finished the mix cd I was working on and I am about as happy as I could be with it. I also sent him my copy of Dangerous Families: Queer Writing on Surviving and a copy of Bucket Siler’s zine Potentially Heartwrenching Distractions and Other Wonderful Possibilities. Maybe between Mattilda, Bucket and this mix cd some magic will happen.

As I write that, I also wonder what exactly I want, or am expecting from this. I’m not looking to break this boy up with his boyfriend. I’m not really looking to ‘date’ anyone, unless something is happening in my brain that I don’t yet know about. Really, it would be nice if things stayed nearly the same, with more making out and cuddling. So, I guess that’s what I want. More making out and cuddling and that’s it.

Winter is coming.


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