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The number game

This boy that I’m talking to is able to remember every one of his tricks and knows the number of people he’s had sex with. The number isn’t astonishingly high or low, but I am really jealous that he is able to do this, so I’ve been trying to figure out all the people I’ve had sex with, here’s what I have now. I’m not actually entirely sure of the order.

  1. Man down the street from my parents house. He was my first time to get fucked and all he wanted to do was fuck me and then have me leave. I wanted to kiss and cuddle, but that didn’t happen. He gave me crabs, fuck that dude.
  2. Boy in Utah. He fucked me while we watched Minority Report and then refused to talk to me ever again.
  3. That boy who I met on Grindr and he came over a few times. We blew each other and I remember he had the hungriest ass I had ever experienced. I finger fucked him and I remember thinking I could easily fist him if I had the proper supplies. He came over to my house twice and the second time he drove so drunk I had to carry him up my stairs.
  4. That one boy who lived by the stadium and was a sports fan, I think. He was cute and we seemed to have fun, I wondered what happened to him. We blew each other.
  5. That boy from Memphis who was traveling through. We jerked each other off and made out all night, super fun.
  6. My very first trick, who turned to be an asshole. He fucked me and just loved it apparently, but didn’t want to pay me after our first time.
  7. That trick who I saw several times, I enjoyed him quite a bit. We used to go to my favorite indian restaurant and then we would go back to my place, make out and blow each other. He loved, loved, loved to have his balls pulled on super hard.
  8. That one trick who I had while I was living in my attic. He was super into my feet and hit his head on the attic ceiling and bled a bit. I felt bad.
  9. That trick who I loved talking to and we would just lay around and chat for an hour and then he would watch me jerk off. He used to turn tricks when he was younger, we would talk a lot about that.
  10. The one trick who I had three times. He would always greet me with a bath which was nice. Honey his house was tacky! The last time we were together he was obviously filming us, but wouldn’t admit to it so I took the money and left, never saw him again.
  11. That boy I met on OkCupid, who lived a couple hours away. We chatted via text, phone and e-mail for a long time and got together a few times. He fucked me and we filmed it for his boyfriend and that was a lot of fun. We have lost touch and I really regret that, but don’t really know what happened with that.
  12. Gay fest, where 3 straight boys and myself stayed up all night blowing each other. I’m still friends with those folks and I would love for this to happen again.
  13. Gay fest boy 2
  14. Gay fest boy 3
  15. The boy who loved, loved, loved Disney. He had a bunch of mickey tattoos (you can’t trust anyone who loves Disney). We blew each other and when I came into his mouth, he ran into the bathroom to spit it out. It seemed like it should feel more disgusting to hold it in your mouth for a period of time, instead of just swallowing it.
  16. After a night of drinking and dancing, this boy and I ended up on his friends couch and we just went to town on each other all night. We blew each other and he apparently brused easily, because when we woke up it looked like someone had taken a bat to his neck and chest. I didn’t realize I was sucking and chewing that hard. The next time together he tore up my neck and he was also the first (and only person) I fucked. It was nice, but not something I was terribly excited about.
  17. This boy came over to my house and I eagerly worked and worked on his cock, eventually he came all over his stomach (didn’t want me to eat it) and left. He wasn’t interested in returning the favor. The next time we got together (years later) the same thing happened, but I was SURE to get some attention this time.
  18. That one boy who fucked me and told me I was the best he had ever been with. He’s been begging me and begging me since to come over again and I am not interested at all. He was the most boring, vanilla person I had ever been with.
  19. Several years ago, the current boyfriend of the boy I am interested in were at a party and we cuddled that night. When we woke up, we made out and he jerked off.
  20. This boy loved to cuddle, make out and suck dick, was totally fine with me. He had a big penis and the 3rd time we were together he tried to fuck me (with a condom, of course) without playing with my ass first or eating my ass and I just said “That’s not going to happen without any attention” and he gave up. 😦 We liked to watch Roseanne together.
  21. This boy identifies as straight sometimes, bisexual other times. He was a local punk from the late 90s and he showed me the best time I have ever had. He was rough and fun and when I left the next morning my whole body hurt from getting bitten, spanked, having my hair pulled and having his stubble scrape over my entire body. Best feeling.
  22. When I was in Utah, 2 of my coworkers wanted to have sex with me, so we went to their house, but they ended up fucking and I blew one of them and then watched them fuck and I jerked off.
  23. I had known this boy since I was 14 and was always attracted to him. We used to trade DVDs of porn we liked when we were 16. I never liked him personally, but looking at him was nice. Several years later I somehow end up at the house he lives at and he was really drunk and we ended up hooking up. I blew him (I was very surprised at how big his penis was) and played with his ass (also very hungry) but then he kicked me out of his room and I slept somewhere else. I was sober, he was very drunk, I should have never done this and I never did after this.
  24. This kid was in high school (but 18), his mom was out of town and I went over to his house for some reason, maybe to help him with homework? We ended up blowing each other and I was his first person to be intimate with ever (didn’t know that at the time, but should have been able to see it. Not that it really matters). I remember him having the most beautiful penis I had ever seen. To this day, it still is the best penis I have seen. We hooked up twice and that was that.
  25. Last time I was in NYC I went to this dudes house, that was apparently in a really, really bad neighborhood for me to be in (I later found out). We blew each other, jerked off and went to bed. When I woke up I had missed quite a few calls from my friend who was super worried about me and I felt bad about that. She later explained about the neighborhood and I was really sad that I had worried her so much. This guy was really awkward
  26. I met this boy on ManHunt and he was stunning blue colar (who identified as such), really muscular boy. We blew each other, made out and jerked off. We still chat sometimes, but he works nights so our schedules don’t ever work. I miss seeing him.
  27. Another Utah boy. Don’t remember much about him, we did the usual (for me) stuff.
  28. Oh yea, I had forgotten about this person. This was the person with the worst hair I had ever seen, do you remember? I think he tried to fuck me, but I was totally not into it so I think I just sent him home. God this person was terrible.

28 people that I can remember right now, I assume I’m forgetting at least 1 trick and at least 1 other (non-paying), so let’s call it a even 30. I never really knew what that number would turn out being. I’m not offended or surprised by 30, it’s just interesting to actually lay it out.


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