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The winter is coming
November 25, 2012, 4:46 pm
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The winter is coming. Well, as of last night it really does feel like it’s here to stay (finally). Mentally, I’m totally ready. I’m ready for winter walks, seeing my breath in the air and the feeling of shivering reminding me I’m alive.

But practically, I’m so, so not ready. I need more gloves, hats, jackets, sweaters and pants. I really don’t have more than one of any of these things, which isn’t good. 

Everything feels so good right now. I’ve been listening to music again, reading, updating this thing and being somewhat social. All of these things are really good for my mental health (some far more than others) and that’s a good thing. 

Also, I recently got the Taylor Swift discography and it’s just brilliant. Jesus christ, Taylor Swift is just so perfect and I think about that a lot more than I probably should. But, aside from that, I’ve also been revisiting a lot of the old Elephant 6 discography and their are so, so many good albums that I had forgotten about. I’m so excited to be rediscovering them. 


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