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I’m a trampoline (I believe)
May 3, 2013, 3:48 am
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I find myself in this weird mood, where I feel more satisfied with short, seemingly meaningless interactions with strangers. Think, people that work at the Waffle House or the garden center. I find something about these interactions really comforting. I think that knowing that I won’t be trapped for any amount of time makes me more willing to begin those sorts of interactions. Does that make sense?


In working on this project that I’ve been working on a few years now, it’s been really draining to continually hear stories from these Queer & Trans kids who continually have the most fucked up things happen to them. It’s one thing to hear about it on the news, but to hear it from them, face to face, is something else. Then taking these conversations and continually re-living them as I talk to community members, funders, etc. is also incredibly draining. I mean, I’m not trying to compare what I feel to what they are feelings, it’s not even in the same universe, of course. On top of this, having to develop programming, budgets and all this other shit that I would rather not do, but someone has to. But, all of this is just so draining that when I’m not doing work with this project, I just want to take a break and think about nothing. Or, nothing of any… substance, at least. Maybe this is it. Maybe this is the answer to why I enjoy these interactions more. When entering these situations, I know that I’m probably not going to be challenged, or need to have any sort of challenging dialogue. It’s usually talking about nail polish, or the weather, or something someone said we both heard. You know, things along those lines. I love things along these lines, they are such simple conversations, but it’s such a nice break.