This Southern Faggot's Blog


Why is it so easy to forget about this little place, when it is one of the only things that helps me remember that other people exist in the world? This little blog and the people who read it are my window into other parts of the world, but specifically America. Why do I forget about it so easily?

The past few weeks (or, months) have been interesting. And very hot. We just got out of a few days of 120 degree heat index. But it has rained quite a bit and it has cooled down to about 95, the people on the radio called it a cold front. 95 feels amazing.

I found a preying mantis in my house the other day. It was really cute and seemed to be more alert than most of the people I see on a day to day basis. It’s antenna did not seem like they were long enough. I always think that when I see these.

I have been thinking about my parents house quite a bit lately. I really like seeing all of the work that my dad has put into putting the yard together. It has taken many years, but he has created this neat land of native plants that feels like everything belongs. I mean, yes they are native so technically they do belong, but he did a really good job none the less. The fish in the pond also had babies and they like to swim up to your finger and nibble on it, which is the best feeling in the world. Also, they have air conditioning, which I appreciate very much.

Goodnight. I will do better with this, I hope (or, promise?)